Exhibition - Pint of Science

I have contributed to the Pint Of Science event this year as an artist reflecting on a scientist's work in the Creative Reaction's - Cambridge exhibition. I was partnered with Dr. Jane Goodall, Arthritis UK Senior Research Fellow who gave me an insight into her research work on atherosclerotic plaque in the arteries. Dr Goodall showed me a number of microscopic cross sections of the heart with plaque buildup 'gruel', this led me to play with scale using old maps of Cambridge and marbling inks on vintage paper to get that 'organic' look to necrotic areas of the heart. Equally fascinating and horrifying to see actual heart disease. 

My art work was presented at the end of the excellent talk by Dr. Jane Goodall titled "A Gruelling Experience with Cardiovascular Disease".

The work is in the public exhibition on 19th May at St.Barnabas Church, Mill Road, Cambridge.